Columbia-Montour Council Executive Board

The Columbia-Montour Council Executive Board is elected annually by the Council members-at-large and Chartered Organization Representatives.

The Executive Board is the governing body of the council territory. It is comprised entirely of volunteer members from the Council's service area. It establishes the council program, carries out resolutions, establishes and enforces policy and provides volunteer leadership for many aspects of the Council’s responsibilities to the community and the local units.

Among the Board’s responsibilities are to:

  • Approve the program and plans of various committees.
  • Approve and administer the Council budget.
  • Coordinate and supports the district in various phases of the Scouting program.
  • Raise the funding necessary to carry out the Scouting program in the Council's service area.
  • Provide and maintain superior camping facilities to promote and support Scouting's outdoor
    education programs and host summer camps.

Executive Officers

Council President - Christian Klock
Council Commissioner - Rose Rhodes
Executive Vice-President - Vacant
Council Executive/Secretary - Paul B. Knox

Vice-President Administration - James P. Cleary
Vice-President Development - J. Scott Atherton
Vice-President Endowment - Elmer Robinson
Vice-President Finance - Vacant
Vice President Marketing - Nancy Bishop
Vice-President Membership - Vacant
Vice-President Program - Anne S. Poler

Council Treasurer - Patrick Millham
Immediate Past President - Nancy Bishop
Legal Counsel - Michael P. Dennehy, Esq.

Executive Board

J. Scott Atherton
Richard Baker, PhD
Celestia Berger
Robert Beyer
Nancy Bishop
James Blankenship, MD
Donald Bower
Lee Boy
James P. Cleary
Loreen Comstock
Michael P. Dennehy, Esq.
Russell B. DeVore, PhD
Mark L. Diefenderfer
Michael Evans
William R. Flook, DC
Charles Gregory
Marlin D. Hummel
David James Esq.
Christian Klock
Daniel Knorr
Rev. James Lease
Barry Lewis, Esq.
William McGovern
Patrick Millham
Carol Moore
Mark Morrow
Dennis Peters
Anne S. Poler
Rose Rhodes
Elmer D. Robinson
Michael Trelease
Jeff Whitenight