Fall Product Sale 2021

It is time once again for our Popcorn & Nut Sale. For those who did not attended the training this year, you will find linked below your Unit Commitment Agreement, which we will need to filled out and returned to the office. A leaders' sales guide is also linked below. If you have not already done so, please swing by the office pick up your unit packet as it has sales forms for all your youth.

A unit can earn up to 6 percent bonus commission. 2% percent bonus for each of the following: Average of $100 per youth, $200 per youth and $300 per youth.  (A spreadsheet with each unit’s current membership and the amounts needed for each of the above levels are linked below.

Finally, an additional 5 percent bonus will be awarded to each unit that sell more than their 2019 combined popcorn and nuts sales. (A spreadsheet listing these amounts is attached.

Links to documents:

Sales Agreement

Popcorn Guidebook

Goals for Bonus Commissions

2019 Sales