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Membership Fee Increase

In addition to the BSA’s increase in registration costs to membership fees directly, the costs to the Council for insurance and employee benefits from the BSA have also risen based on these same factors.  As a result, the Executive Board has had to make the difficult decision to raise the Council fees from $11 to the amounts shown in the chart.  Even with these fee increases, the increased Council costs are not fully covered.  This does not account for the fact that our fundraising efforts have been dramatically impacted year-to-date from the pandemic.  We need to make ends meet, but we also wanted to minimize the rechartering costs as much as possible to reduce as the impact to recruitment and retention as much as we can.  The cost structure below is an attempt to compromise between the conflicting imperatives.

This highlights the importance of meeting our Unit Excellence Award financial goals as the Council fees would have been higher if we didn’t have in faith our units’ ability and desire to support their Council.

Please note that we are working on a program to obtain sponsors to provide $25 vouchers for new Scouts this Fall to cover the new joining fee.  If you or someone you know in a business would be interested in sponsoring this program for $500 or more, please PM or otherwise contact Chris Klock .  We would like to have at least 100 vouchers to offer new Scouts.

We realize that these registration increases come to us on what will already be a very challenging recruitment season.  Continuing the theme for 2020, so much of this is out of our control.  We can only control how we respond to it. 

As Scout leaders we need only look at the world around us to realize that our youth need the values of Scouting more than any time since the creation of the movement.  We must not allow the impending storms dissuade us or distract us from the nobility, the import, and the purpose of our mission.  Together we will weather the storm.

CLICK HERE to download and/or print this chart.

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