Check out the Council Scout Shop for Your Pinewood Derby Supplies

The Shop is well-stocked this year with all your Pinewood Derby Supplies!

                      Below, you will find a complete "GEAR CHECKLIST"

And, some helpful information to "ACE the RACE!"
"Tips for a better build, a faster finish, and a derby day filled with fun."

Then, after you have finished building your  Pinewood Derby Car, bring
a photo of you with your car to the Council Scout Shop and add it to our


LEADERS: Below, you will also find a RACE DAY CHECKLIST
of items that you may wish to have to run a successful race.
Note that these items are not all available in the Council Scout Shop.  Please contact the Scout Shop and they will be happy to order these items for you.

CLICK HERE to download and print the "GEAR CHECKLIST"

CLICK HERE to download and print "ACE the RACE"

CLICK HERE to download and print the "RACE DAY CHECKLIST"