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Third Annual Movie Night/Campout

Hi All,

You are invited to the 3rd Annual Family Movie Night/camp out being held at the Riverside Airport August 21st-22nd.   We are asking that you register as a unit however, if your unit is not participating,  you will need to register alone but will be placed with another unit who has the appropriate leadership required by BSA.  We encourage all units to participate in this great event. 

This year we opened the event up to troops as well due to the fact that a lot of the younger troop kids enjoy movie nights and it offers them a chance to get a camp out in.  Also, this gives troops a great opportunity to get seen by possible AOL scouts in their area.  We will have designated troop/pack camping areas but the activities are all combined.

This is also a great recruitment tool.  Scouts are welcome to invite a friend to the event however, we ask that unregistered youth attend with a parent.

Registration Deadline – Monday August 17th

Cost/person - $10 – Includes Movie, Campout, (1) Hotdog, (1) Bag of Chips and (1) Soda or Water Packs/troops registering as a unit – Please complete both the Council registration form as well as the Unit Registration Breakdown.

The Council Registration gets turned into council when you register and the Unit Reg. Breakdown lets you know how many tickets each family receives.

Scouts whose packs/troops are not participating – Please complete the Council Registration and you will be placed with another unit for the event.

This year the movie has not been pre-selected.  Each participant will receive a ballot to vote.  Unfortunately, there is only 1 new movie coming out right now which is Home.  We will have that on to vote but the other two are still being decided.

Friday August 21st - Schedule:

           Check-in and setup begins                                5:30pm.

            Food Serving Begins                                          6:00pm

            Check-in and setup ends                                   7:30pm

            Movie starts (approx.)                                      8:00pm

            Food Serving ends                                           10:00pm

            Lights out/quiet time                                      11:00pm

**During the time gap between check-in and the movie we will be planning games and possibly a Nature walk for the kids.

If you have any questions, call the Council at(570)784-2700.
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